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In the future, humanity is afflicted with a pandemic of organ failure.  A glimmer of hope comes in the form of Matt Travers, a scientist who creates duplicate organs that saves humanity - only their high cost forces people into indentured servitude.  In answer to this, a dangerous black market arises which is run by a religious fanatic and Matt's former mentor.

Following Matt’s deadly encounter with a “Duplicant,” a recipient of his technology, Matt’s life blows up. He comes to question everything he knows as he strives to learn the truth behind his encounter, and along the way uncovers an even bigger mystery about the fate of mankind.

Writer/Creator: Karla Nappi
Art: Marianna Strychowska
Lettering/Production (Issue 1): Joshua Reed
Lettering/Production (Issue 2): Carlos Mangual
Cover: Linework, Leila del Duca, Colors, Owen Gieni
Editor (Issue 1): Vince Hernandez

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Petal the Timid Inventor

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